West Chester, PA newborn photography- Baby AJ

At the beginning of October, Kimberly and Drew were blessed with their sweet little son, AJ. We had agreed to a shoot long before little AJ was born so they got in touch with me right away to plan it. When Kimberly suggested doing it at the firehouse I was a little hesitant. I was worried there wouldn’t be enough light, and that tiny AJ would be cold. We were all set with a backup plan but we didn’t need it. The glass doors of the firehouse let in the perfect light and the space heater I tote to newborn shoots kept AJ nice and toasty. AJ has been born into a family with a long history of firemen. His dad and both grandfather’s are West Chester Famers. Having the shoot at the firehouse worked out perfectly and meant so much to this family. Congratulations to Kimberly and Drew on their new addition! If you are thinking about a newborn shoot I suggest contacting me within the first couple weeks after birth.

Christie-Green-Photo-BabyAJ1 Christie-Green-Photo-BabyAJ2 Christie-Green-Photo-BabyAJ3 Christie-Green-Photo-BabyAJ4 Christie-Green-Photo-BabyAJ5 West Chester PA newborn photography

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