Courtney & Tim- St. Malachi Church and Loch Nairn Golf Club Wedding

Courtney and Tim’s Loch Nairn Golf Club wedding was a day full of love and family. I met Courtney and Tim ages ago when I was really just beginning my business. I loved them from the start and I really feel like I have gotten to know them well over the last few years. They are both very laid back and easy to work with. The best thing about working with them is that I don’t need to give them very much direction. Their love for each other shines through in their photos. I just set them up where I want them and let them be themselves.

Their wedding day started with getting ready at Courtney’s parent’s house. It was great to have open space to work in. It was also fun to see all of the photos throughout the house. Courtney’s father is a great photographer himself and has spent years documenting his family. After getting ready and bridal portraits, we set off to the church.

The church was St. Malachi Church in Cochranville, PA. My assistant, Katie, and I really thought we were lost on the way. It is located on Chester County back roads. It feels like you are in the middle of no where and then a church appears on a hill. This church was truly amazing. It was built in 1838 and still maintained its old world charm. After Courtney and Tim said “I do” we took some family formals behind the church and then headed to The Loch Nairn Golf Club.

When we arrived at Loch Nairn we immediately set off to take bridal party photos and portraits. The bridal party was so much fun! Everyone was easy going and helpful. As you can see from the photos, Courtney and Tim were just perfect for their portraits. I hoped that the sun would peek through but the day stayed gray. We actually were thankful for that! The entire week before and after their wedding was full of rain.

The reception space was decorated perfectly to fit Courtney’s style. Nothing was overdone or fussy. Everything was simple and elegant. There were photos of Courtney and Tim on many tables. The tables were decorated simply with gorgeous flowers in jars from Cottage Flowers who have been Courtney’s family florist for years. The cake was from a local baker Yori’s Church Street Bakery.  The crowd was great! They had a blast dancing the night away with music played by the DJ Anthony DiGregorio.  What a fun night!

It was wonderful working with Courtney and Tim and their families. I have really loved getting to know them over the years. I am honored that they have trusted me with their memories. Courtney and Tim, thank you so much for everything. I wish you years of happiness together!

More images in the slideshow below! To view photos from their West Chester engagement session click here!

Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding1 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding2 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding3 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding4 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding5 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding6 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding7 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding8 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding9 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding10 St. Malachi Church Wedding Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding12 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding13 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding14 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding15 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding16 Loch Nairn Golf Club Wedding Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding18 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding19 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding21 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding20 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding22 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding23 Loch Nairn Golf Club Wedding Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding25 Christie-Green-Photo-Courtney&Tim-Wedding26 Loch Nairn Golf Club Wedding



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