Gretchen & Dave- Brandywine Manor House Wedding

Gretchen and Dave’s Brandywine Manor House wedding was nothing short of enchanting. I first met this couple for their engagement session a few days after this winter’s huge snow storm. They were incredibly fun to work with, happily trudging through the snow banks to have an impromptu snowball-fight photo session. It was quite clear to me from the beginning that they are a couple who delight in each other’s company.

From snowy to sizzling, their wedding day was the opposite as far as weather is concerned. It was about 90 degrees and quite humid, but they did not skip a beat. Gretchen and Dave, as well as their bridal party, were so upbeat for the formal photos, and their sweetness shines throughout their whole album. I arrived for this Brandywine Manor House wedding in the early afternoon and was immediately struck by how magical a venue it is. The Brandywine Manor House is the epitome of quintessential Chester County beauty. Surrounded by buildings built in the 1700s and acre upon acre of meadows and mature trees, you can’t help but feel like you’ve been transported to another time. It’s a spectacular blend of rustic and refined; a real gem.

This Brandywine Manor House wedding ceremony took place outdoors at a serene location alongside a stream. Gretchen and Dave exchanged vows under an incredibly designed floral arch. I loved the understated elegance of their bouquets and boutonnieres, all made of just Baby’s Breath. Their simple floral aesthetic carried through as the flower girls wore wreaths of Baby’s Breath on their heads. The bride herself was a vision, with a lace overlay gown and a woodland floral crown.

The reception opened with a casually elegant cocktail hour. The guests retreated below the circa 1794 preserved barn to cool off with some drinks and games. The couple’s signature cocktail was called the “Luna”, named after their dog. A few rounds of disc-game Kan-Jam kicked off the night.

The reception took place in the refinished Manor Barn Loft, a breathtaking room with natural wood beams, thick-plank barn floors, and strung lights. They opted for long narrow tables, which gave dinner a warm, family feel. The “almost naked cake” (very little icing) by Master’s Baker contributed to the sweet, rustic aesthetic. There were quite a few toasts by friends and family and endless laughter and cheer throughout the night. Dinner by John Serock was divine. Afterwards, guests were up and dancing to Bachelor Boys Band, having a blast. I took the opportunity to whisk the bride and groom outside once more so they could enjoy some photos together in the subdued temperatures and dusk lighting.

From the beauty of a Brandywine Manor House wedding to the great energy of the wedding party and guests, it was a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful couple’s enchanting day. I cannot thank Gretchen and Dave enough for sharing their memories with me. I wish them all the best. More photos in the slideshow below. 

Caterer: John Serock Catering

Band: Bachelor Boys Band

Florist: Green Meadows Florist

Cake: The Master’s Baker

Hair/make up: Avante Salon and Spa

Dress: Willow by by Watters

Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding1 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding2 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding3 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding4 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding5 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding6 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding7 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding8 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding9 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding10 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding11 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding12 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding13 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding14 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding15 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding16 Brandywine Manor House Wedding Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding18 Brandywine Manor House Wedding Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding21 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding19 Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding22 Brandywine Manor House Wedding Christie-Green-Photo-Gretchen&Dave-Wedding24

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