Sarah & Colin- The Lodge at Mountain Springs Lake Resort Wedding

I had such a great time at Sarah and Colin’s Lodge at Mountain Springs Lake Resort wedding. Some weddings are emotional, some are focused on the details, some are all about the food, Sarah and Colin’s wedding was about the fun. And fun it was! Their wedding took place in the Poconos. We started with getting ready at the Mt. Airy Casino and Resort where the bridal party was staying. Once I shot the details, the bridal party headed to the reception spot where we were going to be taking photos. This left me with some time alone with Sarah and her mom, Maggie. It was nice to have a quiet few minutes with them before heading off for Sarah and Colin’s first look. As much as every bride want the girls to be a part of the day, I think every bride should have a minute to herself. It was nice to take bridal portraits of Sarah with just her and her mom without a bunch of onlookers. I always ask that the bride and groom do the first look alone as well. It may just be the only time the couple will be alone all day.

After bridal portraits, we headed to the Lodge at Mountain Springs Lake Resort. What a gorgeous venue! The Lodge is situated next to a pond, with sprawling fields all around. Perfect for photos. It actually started raining as we were setting up for Sarah and Colin’s first look. It was just a few sprinkles so they grabbed umbrellas to see each other for the first time. My gear was getting a little wet so we came in to make a plan. As I was asking someone to check the weather, the skies turned a beautiful blue and stayed that way the rest of the day. No back up plan needed! The bridal party was so great to work with. The rain had passed but left us with some hot and sticky conditions. No one complained about photos in the field. The groomsmen even all agreed to some running and jumping!

We finished with photos and then headed over to the ceremony site. The ceremony took place at the Villa of Our Lady Retreat House. It was actually the first wedding ever done at the chapel there. After Sarah and Colin were officially married, we headed back to the Lodge at Mountain Springs Lake Resort. Guests were greeted with cocktails and small bites and were set to mingle in the gardens. During cocktail hour I took the opportunity to take some photos of the reception space details, including amazing florals by Julie Bree Flowers. Sarah and Colin infused their personalities into the reception with little details to show their humor. They provided each guest with a cook book of family recipes. It was titled “The Joy of Trying to Cook with Sarah and Colin”. So cute! They also brought to the reception an old TV that had been painted and transformed into a beer cap collector. They continued the beer cap collection at the reception which I loved! I have to admit, I was also a little obsessed with their cake.  It was decorated completely with sprinkles. My three year old would have loved it!

After first dances, dinner, and toasts, the crowd was ready to party! The DJ, Adam Skuba, had everyone on their feet. They were showing no signs of stopping when we left. Such a fun night and a great crowd! Sarah and Colin were so easy to work with. I appreciated them trusting my decisions and allowing me to capture their memories. I wish them all the best!

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