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Night photos in the rain

I feel like I had been waiting forever for this perfect moment. I have always loved nighttime umbrella photos from other photographers. The right moment just hadn't happened for me. In order to make this type of photo work, the conditions have to be just right. It cant be a total washout because it would put my cameras and lights at risk. Also, if it isn't raining quite enough, the light won't catch enough rain drops to make the photo dramatic. This particular evening at Loch Nairn Gold Club in Avondale, Pennsylvania had been on and off raining. There had been some massive storms that came through. Obviously I was not going to take a couple out in a thunderstorm. The storm finally broke but it continued to rain a bit. Katie and I grabbed Margie and Nick and an umbrella and made it happen. It was a quick capture, as it really started to rain towards the end. Sometimes it really is worth it to get caught in the rain. 

Location: 514 McCue Rd, Avondale, PA 19311 .

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