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St. Malachi Church Wedding

This picture perfect moment took place in the most picture perfect church I have ever been to. I usually do not get excited about churches. This one was very special. It was built in 1838 and got its start as a Quaker church. This church is tiny and simple. Each pew has a little wooden door to enter in and out of. I do not recall there being much lighting if any at all. The light came through the window perfectly for this photo. I loved the way the groomsmen posed as if they were told to stand this way. I actually think that I smiled to myself when I saw this little moment, where only the groomsmen in the center folded his hands, while the others kept their hands on the pew. Everything came together perfectly to make this photo work. It is not a photo of a big moment but a quiet moment. It fits perfectly with this adorable little church. The couple then held their wedding reception at Loch Nairn Golf Club. 

Location: 76 St. Malachi Road Cochranville, PA.